Bronxville Giving Garden WINS 2nd Place in

State Senator Shelley B. Mayer's Garden Contest!



Bronxville Giving Garden is
a community-based vegetable garden
that donates organic produce to families
in need in lower Westchester County, NY
  • Bronxville Giving Garden will have an annual targeted growing schedule


  • All produce will be donated

  • Local organizations in the vicinity of Bronxville will receive weekly donations from Bronxville Giving Garden throughout the growing season


  • The garden will also serve as a gathering place where families can learn and enjoy the art of agriculture


  • Bronxville Giving Garden is self-sustaining and nonprofit, utilizing donations from local organizations and fundraising events 



Bronxville Giving Garden


Sue Brownie - Director

Dave Phillips - Farmer

Mary Liz Mulligan - Advisor

Nicki Piercy Coddington - Graphic design/Website

Mayor Mary Marvin - Liaison to Village of Bronxville

Gretchen Pingel - Articles

Bronxville Green Committee

Joan Adam

Paula Asturias

Jess Atrio

Doris Benson

Susan Checklick

Emily Conway

Ellen Edwards, (Chair)

Joan Golan

Janie Koomans

Pam Lippe

Mayor Mary Marvin, (Liaison to Village of Bronxville)

Carolyn Mattson

Judith McNatt

Mary Liz Mulligan

Wendy Murphy

Dave Phillips

Gretchen Pingel

Ben Shively

Maria Terjanian

Gene Westmoreland

Mary Westmoreland


Bronxville Green Committee is the parent organization and the force behind Bronxville Giving Garden. The seed for Bronxville Giving Garden was planted in 2016 by Bronxville resident Dave Phillips (Farmer Dave) who met with Mayor Mary Marvin about starting a ‘community garden’. Mayor Marvin, who also liaises between the Bronxville Green Committee and the Village of Bronxville, thought it was a fantastic incentive that the Bronxville Green Committee would surely embrace.  She was right! The Village of Bronxville then designated part of the insurance money from the the demise of the Girls Scout Cabin for the Bronxville Giving Garden. A ‘community garden’ was in plans drawn years ago after the Girl Scout Cabin had burned down. Those funds along with an extremely generous donation from the Bronxville Rotary Club made Bronxville Giving Garden a reality.

Thanks to a lot of players, Phase I of construction of the Bronxville Giving Garden was completed September, 2016 at Maltby Park. Many middle school children worked in shifts constructing the original 8 beds, the backbone of the Giving Garden. As life always seems to throw rotten tomatoes, even at good projects, it soon became clear that securing a water source for the garden at Maltby Park would drain our modest budget and so the garden had to be moved. Phase II was completed at the end of April, 2017. Farmer Dave and his kind and talented friends came together and built 11 more raised beds. You may have noticed the landscape gradually changing on Village Hall property near the corner of Pondfield Road and Gramatan Avenue? That is the very happy home of the Bronxville Giving Garden.


Mayor Mary Marvin and the Trustees of the Village of Bronxville gave the green light to the Bronxville Giving Garden and also its home.

Mary Liz Mulligan was Chair at the time of the Bronxville Green Committee and oversees all aspects of the Bronxville Giving Garden, from site management, construction and funding resourcing as well as all the financial dealings while always working side-by side with Farmer Dave and the Village administration. 


Farmer Dave Phillips, a Village of Bronxville resident, as well as designing and coordinating construction of the Giving Garden,  plans and manages all horticultural endeavors.


Jim Palmer, with his ever-watchful eye, keeps us all ship-shape.


Nicki Piercy Coddington, owner of local business Big Dog Design and a Village of Bronxville resident, created our eye-catching logo and this website for the Bronxville Giving Garden. Nicki manages and maintains the website.