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Late Start

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Everything about the Giving Garden was late this year. We were late in prepping the beds. Late in obtaining plants and seed. Late in planting. Late in organizing our work schedule. Late in my even getting involved in this. It’s been a very odd start to an odd growing season to say the very leasest of least, but here we are. Here I am. There’s the Giving Garden. Things have finally gotten going, including this lovely blog space.

I’m Vin — Farmer Vin to some, Vincent, Vinnie, and Vince to some others — and I’ll be handling the gardening operations for the Bronxville Giving Garden this season, while our beloved Farmer Dave remains somewhere on the West Coast tilling plots and making music for those fortunate people out there. Several weeks ago he had asked me to fill in for him at the Garden when it became clear that he wouldn’t be back for this season. With about as much hesitation as a puma ready to pounce on a chubby rabbit, I very enthusiastically agreed to work what I consider the model for all Giving Gardens. Joining me in this task are my fellow gardeners Manu and Meredith, who bring with them a combination of expertise and enthusiasm that makes my job both easy and enjoyable. The three of us live over in Pelham where prior to hooking up with the BGG we had been working with the Pelham Union Free School District in trying get Giving Gardens on Pelham school properties. Of course that was before all Covid hell broke loose. Until things loosen up a bit and the schools reopen we’ll be holding off on that one. In the meantime, we’ll be getting our gardening fix at the BGG, while growing some seriously fine vegetables to help food insecure people in our area.

So in this space I hope to share some of the goings-on at the garden this season along with a few images. I will also share thoughts on gardening in general, along with my very strong opinions on local environments and ecosystems. For these first few posts, I will be covering a little bit of past as well as present — mostly about the prep work we performed to get the garden ready for the season. I’ll also share some hard-learned lessons on gardening, along with some thoughts on the garden itself and what it means to our community. With the help of Nicki, who designed and built this lovely website, and Mary Liz, who can navigate a bureaucracy like Magellan through Tierra del Fuego, things on this end should go well.

But enough about us. There’s gardening to do.

Farmer Vin with Bronxville Giving Garden First Crops of 2020
Bronxville Giving Garden First Crops of 2020

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