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Tweets and Murmurs

Quick note for everyone...

For better or worse — depending on your views on technology and the possible decline of Western Civilization — I've started a Farmer Vin Twitter account! If my little missives in this space don't satisfy your Giving Garden needs, you'll be able to check your phones for updates and pictures like this...

I promise the pictures will be less of me like the one above and more of the interesting stuff behind me. And since this is a garden located New York, I'll try not to feature as prominently the New England Patriots hat you can see me wearing — no promises though.

There's a lot of interesting information out there about gardening and the environment that I would like to pass on, plus there are always things going on in the BGG that are worth mentioning at the moment but not really worth writing about here. Hopefully we can all have some fun with this.

Go onto Twitter and look for @VinFarmer

Or you can just click here:

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